Better-For-You Snacks for a Better Planet

No Dirty Secrets

Our products are Non-GMO, gluten free and made without artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. We source Fair Trade Certified Chocolate and only use RSPO-Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

Bee Real

All of our almonds are sourced from certified bee-friendly farms. That's right. 100% of them. This means that our almond suppliers take careful steps to maintain the health and improve the population of pollinator bees, across categories such as nutrition, habitat and biodiversity.

Reduce & Reuse

All of our pouches are made using at least 33% post consumer recycled plastic.

Recycle Ready

When you order SkinnyDipped via Amazon, most of our shipping materials are recyclable. Open up your snacks, recycle the packaging they arrived in and reuse the ice packs. Easy!

Let's Compost It

All of our ecommerce bags that carry your snacks are compostable. That's right. It's a little bit like giving your garden a snack of its own.