Frequently Asked Questions



What does SkinnyDipped Mean

SkinnyDipped refers to the way our almonds and cashews are dipped in a super thin layer of chocolate or yogurt; the nuts and coating are balanced in the most delicious (and healthy) way possible. You get more nut than chocolate in every bite – which means way less sugar than traditional chocolate-covered snacks.

Are they Vegan? Gluten Free? Kosher? Non-GMO?

All SkinnyDipped products are gluten free, kosher and non-GMO. Our Super Dark + Sea Salt almonds are vegan-friendly.

I see palm oil is used in a few of your nut products. Which flavors include palm oil in the ingredients list?

We use rainforest safe, RSPO-certified palm oil in our Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and Lemon Bliss Almonds. Along with making sure that the palm oil production is environmentally sustainable, being RSPO certified also protects the rights of palm oil farmers, and the communities they support. For more information on the RSPO certification, please see the link HERE. We are also always working to evolve our ingredients deck to make sure we’re maintaining our mind-blowing deliciousness while also continuing to treat the planet with care.

Where is your chocolate sourced from? What about your nuts?

Our chocolate is made from high quality cacao that is sustainabily sourced from around the world. Our almonds are grown in California. Our cashews come from Vietnam since cashews are not grown domestically.

Which of your products are Fair Trade Certified?

Dark Chocolate Cocoa Almonds, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Almonds, Super Dark + Sea Salt Almonds, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Caramel + Peanut Paradise Cups, Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Bites

Is SkinnyDipped organic?

While we are not certified organic, SkinnyDipped offers Non-GMO Project Verified and Fair Trade Certified varieties.

What happens if my order arrives melted?

We’re real food with no preservatives (awesome), but that means we can melt in the warmer months (less awesome). From May to October, we do our best to prevent this by shipping with cold packs and insulation, but sometimes the weather gets the best of us. If your order arrives melted, message us at and we’d be happy to send a replacement. Also, if your nut product melts, all is not lost. Press it flat, pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes and viola – SkinnyDipped bark (the most delicious whoops of your life).

What happens if I am dissatisfied with my Amazon order?

Please reach out to Amazon directly to request a refund. We find that the chat tool works best! Make sure not to request a return or exchange since we are a food product. If there are quality concerns, please additonally reach out to with the expiration date and Lot Code number on your product (located in a small black stamp on back of bag) - a picture is also welcome.

How do I know if my SkinnyDipped Amazon order is coming directly from you?

Make sure you choose "Ships from and Sold by Amazon" or "Ships from Amazon and Sold by SkinnyDipped" when adding an item to your Amazon cart. This ensures you are getting SkinnyDipped directly from us at an accruate price! We cannot ensure the quality of product sold by other sellers.

Do you ship during the summer and warmer months?

You can order SkinnyDipped online at We ship our products with environmentally-friendly, sustainable insulation and reuseable ice packs in the summer. All orders are shipped Monday through Thursday, 2nd day (next day on Thursday's only) to avoid hot distribution centers. Bring us inside as soon as you receive your SkinnyDipped!

Be advised, melt is still a risk. Please see "What happens if my order arrives melted" to learn more about what to do next.


SkinnyDipped has always promised more nuts than chocolate – is this true for your peanut butter cups?

Great question! We use real peanut butter (from ground peanuts), and there is a ton of it! Our cups have more peanut butter than other peanut butter cups, nestled in a thinner chocolate shell.

Do you use artificial sweeteners in your cups and bites?

Nope! We never use artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. Our cups are sweetened with a clean, delicious blend of maple sugar and cane sugar. Our Paradise Cups and Dark Chocolate Caramel Bites are sweetened with a clean blend of maple sugar, cane sugar and allulose.

What is allulose?

Unlike sugar alcohols which can raise blood sugar levels, allulose is a sugar that is naturally low in calories (90% fewer calories than cane sugar). It tastes like cane sugar but doesn’t metabolize like it in your body. It is found in nature in corn as well as raisins and figs.

Why did you use allulose? Why not stevia or sugar alcohols?

Incorporating allulose allowed us to crack the code on creating lower sugar peanut butter cups and chocolate bites that taste amazing without any unpleasant after-effects of sugar substitutes. Stevia leaves an unpleasant, bitter aftertaste, which would undermine the deliciousness of our product. Sugar alcohols like erythritol can cause stomach upsets and impact gut health. In contrast, allulose tastes just like cane sugar and there is no evidence that it has any negative impact on gut health.

Why do my Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups have a dull whiteish appearance?

The appearance of a dusty, white coating is called bloom and is caused when a chocolate product is exposed to temperature fluctuations – these shifts dissolve the sugar crystals on the chocolate's surface, leaving a white, powdery look when the crystals reform. Bloomed chocolate is perfectly fine to eat, but agree it may not be as appealing to the eye!