What does SkinnyDipped mean? 

SkinnyDipped refers to the way our almonds, cashews and peanuts are dipped in a super thin layer of chocolate or yogurt; the nuts and coating are balanced in the most delicious (and healthy) way possible. You get more nut than chocolate in every bite – which means way less sugar than traditional chocolate-covered snacks. 


Are they Vegan? Gluten Free? Kosher? 

All SkinnyDipped products are gluten free and kosher. Our Super Dark + Sea Salt almonds are vegan. 


Where is your chocolate sourced from? What about your nuts? 

Our chocolate is made from superior shade-grown cacao sourced from around the world for quality and sustainability. Our almonds are grown in California, and our peanuts come from family farms in Virginia. Our cashews come from Vietnam since cashews are not grown domestically.  


Is SkinnyDipped organic?  

We are not organic, but we do use certain organic ingredients including organic maple sugar and organic white chocolate. 


What happens if my order arrives melted? 

We’re real food with no preservatives (awesome), but that means we can melt in the warmer months (less awesome). From May to October, we do our best to prevent this by shipping with cold packs and insulation, but sometimes the weather gets the best of us. If your order arrives melted, message us at hello@skinnydipped.com and we’d be happy to send a replacement. Also, if your product melts, all is not lost. Press it flat, pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes and viola – SkinnyDipped bark (the most delicious whoops of your life).