Our Story

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But retracing the steps, I can see that it really began with our friend Josh. In the spring of 2012, Josh burned bright and quick through our lives like a dazzling comet, before succumbing to a rare sarcoma just after his eighteenth birthday.

A young person’s death takes you a long way toward reconsidering your own life’s priorities. We had always been a close family, but we were scattered here and there, and like everyone, we were busy.

By the end of that bittersweet summer, we knew we wanted to spend more time together. So we decided to start a business.

That it would be centered around food was obvious. For us—family, friends, food and love are all tangled up. It gets a little messy sometimes, like the way a kitchen is pleasantly chaotic when you’re whizzing around in the middle of it, making something delicious.

We spent 2 years getting our skinny dipped almonds just the way we imagined they could be when we first conjured up the idea of a whole, better-for-you, outrageously delicious snack. May they give you, and the ones you love, as much happiness as they give us.

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Val Griffith, Founder

Me, circa 1987 when I was pregnant with the CEO. My dad is my inspiration. No matter what I whipped up, he enjoyed every bite and so taught me that making and sharing good food is an act of love.

Breezy Griffith, Founder

Wild Things’ CEO, circa 1990. From the earliest days she has had an adventurous spirit and a can-do attitude.

Josh Dickerson, Bright Light

A friend who touched our lives and inspired us to start our business with family and friends.

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Lizzie Resta, Co-Founder

The original Wild Things. Lizzie has been Breezy’s partner in crime ever since the first day of preschool when one found the other hiding in a cupboard. The 2 spent their childhood concocting lots of stuff their parents were required to eat, and running sidewalk stands their parents were required to fund. Lizzie is our secret weapon.

Chrissy Haller, Co-Founder

Colorado girl who brings sunshine to Seattle. Loves food. Requires constant feeding. She and Breezy found each other in NYC and bonded over burgers. Chrissy’s buoyant personality helps keep us afloat. Except for when she gets hangry, which is scary.

And Here We Are Today

The Skinny Dipped family, all grown up (clockwise From top left - Lizzie, Chrissy, Breezy and Val