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Empowering mothers and their children

Supporting women and children is a powerful catalyst for change.
We’ve donated hundreds of thousands of bags to women’s shelters and after school programs.
With our WPDI partnership, we’re empowering entrepreneurship for women in South Sudan.

Respecting our planet

We’re committed to working toward a more environmentally sustainable business.
100% of our almonds are sourced from bee-friendly farms.
Most of our products are shipped in curbside recyclable boxes and compostable insulation.

Finding something to be happy about, every single day

Life is short, so we endeavor to make it sweet, too.
We consciously take time away from work to gather and have fun.
We try to infuse our snacks with this open-hearted spirit.

Doing better, together

We are greater than the sum of our parts when we work together.
We keep collaboration at the forefront.
One example: SkinnyDipped team members receive 2 paid days off each year to volunteer at an organization of their choice.

Nurturing a sense of community

All are welcome in the SkinnyDipped family.
The relationships we make (and foster) are ultimately what keep this business going.
Diversity in thought, too, is essential.

Brainstorming without borders

No nut, seed or idea is too small.
We believe even the tiniest or most “out there” idea can be significant and powerful.
This results in better snacks–and a better version of us.

Creating nutritious and delicious food for all

Healthier food should be accessible to the many, not the few.
We are committed to accessibility.
We donate to hospitals, food banks, schools and more.

Being kind, 24/7

Acts of kindness and gratitude go a long way.
Even on stressful days, we strive to remain kind and thoughtful.
One example: we donated over 100,000 bags to front line workers during the pandemic.