Skinny Dipped Bark Clusters

Skinny Dipped Bark Clusters

This recipe is brought to you by 2 ingredients; Skinny Dipped and the sun, and highly suggested to be served with a cup of coffee. Ever leave your bag outside or in the car on a warm day for a little too long? That is exactly how we discovered these ridiculously delicious melted chocolate, almond clusters. Still intrigued? Learn more in the instructions below!   


  • 1 bag of melted Skinny Dipped almonds, any flavor!  


  1. Open your melted Skinny Dipped bag, chase the air out of it by squishing it flat in the shape of the bag.  
  2. Close the bag and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  3. Once the bag is completely hardened, take the big Skinny Dipped Almond chunk out of it and cut into smaller pieces. Serve with a cup of coffee or store in a container at room temperature and enjoy as a delicious snack!