Doing Better, One (Plastic) Brick At a Time Doing Better, One (Plastic) Brick At a Time

Globally, women and children are the most impacted by poverty, including often living in dangerous conditions and having limited access to educational opportunities. This is especially true in the Ivory Coast, where the majority of the world’s cocoa is grown and harvested.

As mother/daughter-founders, we strive to lift up women and the children they love and care for. We are mindful of the impact of the cocoa industry on women and children – especially the critical issue of forced child labor in the supply chain, in part a result of limited educational options and extreme poverty.

In the Ivory Coast, 1.6 million children are unable to attend school partly because there are not enough classrooms. That’s why we support a women-led recycling initiative that converts plastic waste into modular bricks used to build easy-to-assemble, durable classrooms in the region. The goal? Waste not wasted, a new income stream for vulnerable women, and healthier children with a safe place to go to school.

Two women collecting plastic waste to be converted into modular bricks.
women collecting plastic waste for recyling

Here's How It Works Here's How It Works


School icon.
56 classrooms built
Recycled bottle icon.
295 tons of plastic recycled
Smilely face icon.
2,800 children in school

A cause we can get behind:

100% of your donations will go directly to help fund the building of schools in Côte D’Ivoire via an international children’s humanitarian organization working to create equitable social, educational, and developmental opportunities for children worldwide.

SkinnyDipped donates a percentage of annual sales to this program – but we could do so much more with your support!

For more info on this program, click here.

As you join the party with SkinnyDipped snacks, we also hope you’ll join us in our mission to improve the lives of women and children all over the world.

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