Building Schools From Recycled Plastic Building Schools From Recycled Plastic

Globally, women and children are profoundly impacted by poverty, including living in unsafe conditions and having limited access to education

As mother & daughter founders, we strive to support women and the children they love. That’s why we fund a women-led recycling program that turns plastic waste into bricks used to build sturdy, clean schools for children in West Africa, where most of the world’s cacao is grown.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the situation in West Africa, how we are using our give-back program, Brick by Brick, to drive change and how you can get involved!

Children in front of a recycled bricks classroom.
a school built from plastic bricks

Program Overview & 2023 Goals Program Overview & 2023 Goals


Bricks to be donated


Schools to be constructed


tons of plastic to be recycled